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Components of a Heat Pump

The heat pumps we install have been developed to ensure you get maximum performance and functionality. They all actively contribute to increased annual efficiency, comfort, reliability and cost savings.

Components of a Heat Pump Control Panel

Intuitive control with visual heat curve and simple keypad. User-friendly menus make it easy to set your desired comfort levels.

Opti Technology

With the Opti technology, the control system ensures that the correct delta temperatures are monitored and maintained constantly (brine and heating side). Opti technology means the performance is constantly adjusted to the prevailing requirements and conditions of the heating system. About 5% higher SPF (sesonal performance factor) using Opti technology.

TWS Technology

180-litre hot water tank with integrated TWS (Tap Water Stratification) technology produces hot water significantly faster than traditional alternatives.


The Micro Plate Heat Exchangers (MPHE), the new generation of heat exchangers, improves heat transfer and improves heat pump efficiency, has been made smaller and more compact, requiring a less refrigerant charge which in turn reduces the CO2 footprint.

HGW Technology

Patented Hot Gas Water technology produces hot water at higher temperatures than traditional alternatives and enables hot water to be produced at the same time as heating your home.

Scroll Compressor

Fewer moving parts than conventional compressors means increased efficiency, lower sound level and a longer working life.

Acoustic Performance

Acoustically engineered mechanical design ensures one of the lowest sound levels on the market.