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New Efficient Heating System for Historic Farmhouse

New Efficient Heating System for Historic FarmhouseAs part of the renovation of this old farmhouse near Ashbourne, the owners decided to install a new highly efficient heating system within their historic building. An original timber frame is still visible within the farmhouse which has evolved from a 300-year old Cruck Barn.

The building is now provided with heating and domestic hot water from a Danfoss Ground Source Heat Pump system supplied and installed by Coefficient Renewable Heating. With land available for heat collecting pipework next to the farm house, a ground source heat pump system was the obvious choice. A small purpose built shed houses the heat pump and associated cylinders, underground insulated pipework providing connection to the farmhouse to supply heat via a combination of radiators upstairs and a newly installed underfloor heating pipework in several rooms on the ground floor.

This installation qualifies for Domestic RHI (Renewable Heating Incentive) payments which will offset the installation cost of this very efficient heating system. Heat your home with help from the environment. Energy available from the air or from the ground around you can be utilised by a heat pump system to provide all your heating and domestic hot water requirements. It is very clean, reliable and can be installed vertically in bore holes. Pipes can also be placed at the bottom of a lake if one is available. You could alternatively opt for an air source system.

Heat pumps can be connected to underfloor heating pipework or appropriately sized radiators. Heat is supplied in a gradual and continuous manner, taking into account the current outdoor temperature to provide just the right amount of heat to keep your house at a comfortable temperature throughout the year.

The Renewable heat Incentive scheme for domestic properties provides a quarterly payment, for seven years, which will offset the investment in this type of heating technology. Many owners of heat pump systems are now benefitting from this incentive scheme which is, in many cases covering the entire installation cost of the heat pump system. For further information email us at or call us on 01143 270100.